View Full Version : Ocho: Can we get an OFFICIAL answer regarding the issues with the lag and automated bans?

11-30-2014, 10:40 PM
Such as? I mean, details are key to communication. I mean, I could just say "I am fuming mad". Though that is to vague and no one will know what I am communicating other than "I am mad". So can we get a bit more detail with these kind of responses so we KNOW what is going on and are not stuck with our heads in the sand. The technical details are frankly beyond me, so I can't really be like "they tweaked the flux capacitor and we're using 30% less photons at the moment." Additionally, without a detailed understanding of our server architecture and how different subsystems interact it would probably be meaningless anyways.So here's a summation of my basic understanding:We're experiencing some sort of network issue that's causing latency for many aspects of AA. The simple causes have been ruled out, so we're taking deeper looks as well as communicating with XL on the issues. We've got a lot of folks working on it, and will continue to work until we've got it resolved. We don't have a solution yet, and will keep working until it's completely resolved.Anything else I might be able to answer?

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