View Full Version : Kiwibird: Disconnect while connecting to Nui @ Server Selection [HELP PLEASE]

12-01-2014, 01:20 PM
Hey there.

Currently Unavailable:Janudar, Nebe, Nui4:40 PM GMT: Our team has been working through the night to address these network issues, but unfortunately the servers Nui, Janudar, and Nebe are still being worked on. Again, we appreciate your patience as we continue to work to bring these servers back up as soon as possible. That's the latest update on the Nui server. While the server may appear online, we are still working to address the network issues that are causing you to immediately disconnect. We will continue to post updates as we go.I do want to take the time to apologize for the confusion. The server appearing online, while being unavailable, would definitely cause confusion for players.

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