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12-04-2014, 05:40 PM
well, lets just wait and see if they actually do give the compensation. They are going to send everyone an E-mail you can`t claim your compensation until after you get the E-mail, lets see how many people don`t get the E-mail. Aeriagames use to pull this scam all the time and %80 of the people would never get the E-mail.Aeria would say: "if it`s not in your spam folder or your in box there must be something wrong with your E-mail and we won`t send you another one" funny thing is you would get spam E-mail from them,just fine,on the same day they sent the compensation E-mail which never arrives. so, lets wait and see how people don`t get this E-mail because of some mysterous e-mail problem. It will be claimable even if you don't receive the email, and instructions will be posted on the forums. From the Original announcement:
(We’ll also be broadcasting in game as soon as they’re all applied, and posting instructions here so you don’t have to wait for that mail to land to get your packs!) Please keep all further feedback in the main thread, so we can make sure to read everyone's feedback. With multiple threads things will get lost.

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