View Full Version : Ocho: Please nerf crafted glider mat requirements too !

12-05-2014, 11:50 AM
Besides 150 gilda stars, you need 100x glowing prism(600g) and one sunridge ingot(170g) to craft one of those new gliders. If a red dragon doesn't have "Very high" speed anymore, why is it that expensive to craft ? It should be 150 gilda and some junk mats to craft. Isn't paying that much just for a skin a bit illogical ?Imo, all normalisations must be reverted back. Main point to get these gliders were their better speed or turning abilities etc. While that was true at one point, there was serious concern from the developer that this meant that only a single glider (or mount, etc.) would become viable as players decided that that option was the most viable choice. This is based off their experiences in other regions, and observation of real world data on how players made decisions.As to if the price is illogical, that totally depends on you. If you don't think it's worth the price for the differing appearance, I would recommend spending your mats on other items.

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