View Full Version : Ocho: Banned for Hate Speech?

12-05-2014, 01:30 PM
This is a slippery slope I wish you wouldn't slide down. Insulting someone should not be hand waved as hate speech just because someone's (either the 'victim's', or the official reviewing the logs) feelings are hurt. Real hate speech is a serious thing. That is to say, inflammatory speech designed to bring bodily harm onto someone for no reason other than their race/religion/ect. Calling someone a slur on the internet is not comparable. You are running a game that encourages players to act negatively to one another on a regular basis as they compete for limited resources. It's not reasonable to punish players when they use language as a retaliatory weapon. Especially when the in game lore does it. Constantly. Elves hate nuians, Firrans hate haryani. Both alliances hate each other and themselves. This is the game you are publishing. In game we arent just happily trading packs back and forth but waging wars of genocide along racial lines while fending off demonic forces. The racial, religious, and philosophical undertones are pretty clear if you have any background in Korean history and culture. This is a game we are publishing. It doesn't require, endorse, or encourage folks to use hate speech. These are forums for talking about a video game, they certainly don't require hate speech. Instead it makes it an unwelcoming and hostile environment. That doesn't help the game or the people who participate on the forums.There are societal standards that enforce behavior. When it comes to a video game forum, the entity responsible for maintaining that forum is responsible in part for maintaining the standards as we sit fit. If you (generic, not specific) want to come on this forum and use hateful terms to bag on people with disabilities (or national origin, or gender preference, or sex), you're gonna get a response.

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