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12-05-2014, 02:10 PM
I should have replied differently to Ocho. I don't mean I want a game that mirrors real life. What I meant by realistic was logical. I do want a game that has logical constraints in place; things that make sense within that fantasy world. It makes no sense that I cannot attack someone just because I am in Archum Iris, it would make perfect sense that super strong guards kill me as soon as I attack someone in Archum Iris. Hell make them appear out of thin air, or being "stealthed" everywhere in the zone. One of the challenges of making games is that realistic (or logical) is often less fun. So while it makes sense that you would be able to attack someone anywhere, anytime, it isn't fun for the majority of players. AA tries to strike a balance, how successful it is is up the individual player. I used to work on a game called Wizardry Online, that had always on PvP everywhere. It's no longer available outside Japan to my knowledge, and while I can't say that always on PvP everywhere was the reason, it did certainly limit its attraction for a lot of folks.

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