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12-10-2014, 09:20 PM
I would love to just wait the next update, download it, log in, buy the design and then just make my way to the closest carpentry workbench to build the car instead of waiting longer because I didn't farm the right currency for the design.And I'm sure that a bunch of people want to know if it's the same deal with the Timber Coupe design which was usually available for 150k vocation points at the Blue Salt vendor. While the Timber Coupe won't be available in build 4.16 as is still being rebalanced to prevent it from driving straight up vertical surfaces, the Comet Speedster design will be available for purchase using Gilda Stars on Mirage Island. For more insight into the decision to remove the cars from the vocation and honor vendors, we asked XLGAMES' Woo Jin-Hyuk for details:
Hello, this is Woo Jin-Hyuk from XLGAMES.We had designed the cars to have different purchase methods (Gilda Stars, Vocation Badges, Honor) depending on color and performance. When the cars were first released in Korea, players crafted different cars based on their color preferences. However, as time went by, we noticed that most players only crafted the Timber Coupe because they determined it to have the best performance while also being easier to obtain than other models by requiring Vocation Badges.Our hope is that Western crafters will not limit themselves to Timber Coupe for its efficiency and also for the fact that you can obtain it simply by consuming labor. We expect the difference in performance among the car models to play into new contents that are currently in discussion, such as car racing. However, selling one of the designs for Vocation Badges will ultimately lower the value of that design, since players can simply spend labor to generate Vocation Badges as opposed to Gilda Stars and Honor Points, which means all players can have large amounts of Vocation Badges after the service has been live for a while. We changed the car designs to be sold for Gilda Stars only in order to make all three cars have equal requirements.We are making design changes to certain game contents in order make sure the NA/EU players can have the best ArcheAge experience possible. In the future, we’ll provide more detailed insight into our reasoning and intentions behind these changes.

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