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12-12-2014, 07:00 PM

What if the legend was true? Tales of true dragons are ancient; the great and terrifying beasts so far extinct that their very existence could be questioned. The petrified bones in Karkasse Ridgelands were the only hint that they once ravaged the lands there.

Were, until the recent resurgence of the Wyrmkin in Karkasse. Minions of the Red Dragon, their presence suggest that not all dragons are gone from Erenor, that the Red Dragon still lurks somewhere, ancient and crazed.

Those who seek the nightmares of history know to turn to the Evenbards, the keepers of legends that are occasionally found spinning tales in cities during the evenings. If you're going to fight a dragon, it's best you come prepared.

DAHUTA'S FATE: The Sea of Drowned Love

The vengeful and jealous sea goddess known as Dahuta once had a mortal form. As the elf Aranzebia, she traveled with the Twelve and discovered the birthplace of the world, the secret source of magic that granted fearsome power to the expedition and ultimately led to the destruction of Auroria. The powers granted to her twisted her already selfish nature into that of a dangerous and unpredictable deity.

The rising popularity of the Dahuta cult across Nuia has only strengthened the goddess, secure in her underwater stronghold beneath the Arcadian Sea. As Nuians and Haranyans both attempt to reclaim Auroria, the ocean routes grow more traveled, and once again mortals intrude upon Dahuta's realm.

She does not turn a blind eye to these intrusions. Greedy for power, she must be prevented from gaining further strength and returning to her former glory.

The Sea of Drowned Love instance comes in two flavors: a weekend-only 5-person instance, entered via portals in Marianople, Caernord and Growlgate when available, and an always-available 10-person instance, entered beneath the sea south of Freedich using Open Tsunami Stones.

Sea of Drowned Love – Weekend Group-5
- Available for entry 5 times per day on Saturday and Sunday server time, for a party of 2 to 5 players.
- Seek out the Nui’s Shield Investigators in Marianople, Caernord, or Growlgate for dungeon quests.
- All party members will need a Minor Tsunami Stone available to enter the instance.
- This version of the Sea of Drowned Love is an easier instance intended for normal groups.

Sea if Drowned Love – Daily Group-10
- Available for entry at any time using Open Tsunami Stones, which can be obtained via daily quest (3 granted per day) and additionally via the Loyalty Store for 5 Loyalty Tokens each. This version of the dungeon is intended for a group of 2-10 players, though you’ll want to err on the side of 10.
- Seek out Archeologist Burnar on Freedich for his quest, Shipwreck Omens, to start the chain that leads to the Tsunami Stone daily quest (Witch’s Song).
- All party members will need an Open Tsunami Stone to enter the instance.
- This version of the Sea of Drowned Love is a difficult instance intended for groups already tackling Serpentis.


The time of the Winter Maiden's Festival approaches, in honor of Kyprosa, Lady of the Forest, Gatekeeper of the Garden. Celebratory events are prepared throughout Erenor, including:

Decoration Reclamation
* The Winter Maiden Messenger needs your help recovering stolen decorations! She can be found in the major cities and will give you the quest "Gifts for the Winter Maiden".
- Collect eight Festival Tree Decorations which can be found on defeated enemies and bring them to the Winter Maiden Messenger.
- Completing the quest gives you a Winter Maiden Festival Tree that you can place and decorate with additional Festival Tree Decoration Packs that can be found on defeated enemies.
- Once a tree is fully decorated with four Festival Tree Decoration Packs it will turn into a Generous Winter Maiden Festival Tree after an hour.
- Interact with the Generous Winter Maiden Festival Tree to collect a Winter Maiden's Gift Box which can be opened every hour for an assortment of gifts, like unique wands bearing special animation actions!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
* Defeated enemies may contain Frosty Packed Snow or Snowcone Packed Snow, which can be placed to begin building either a Frosty Snowman or Snowcone Snowman.
- Finish your Snowman masterpiece by using two more Snows of the matching type.
- After an hour, a fully built Snowman will turn into a Snowman Anima which can be harvested for a Snowman Plushie Box, containing one of seven different Snowman Plushie house decor items!

Stocking Stuffers
* A new icon will appear in the bottom left of the UI along with a timer. When the icon lights up, you'll be able to receive a Flame Lunabox by clicking it.
- Collect twenty Flame Prize Tokens from the Flame Lunaboxes to create a Winter Maiden Stocking.
- Look inside the Stocking for a set of festively-themed headwear!

* Property placement now has a five-second delay between attempts in order to disrupt rapid spam-placement attempt tools. Please adjust your strategy for property grabs accordingly!
* Adjusted the protection buff on Arena defense towers to prevent these objects from being unintentionally destroyable early in the match.
* Teleport Book entries for houses that have been destroyed or had their owner changed since the location was recorded will no longer be a possible destination for teleportation.

* The Mirage Lilyut Horse no longer comes standard* with ice skates. The gliding movement after stopping these mounts has been fixed. (*Ice skates are also not an available add-on option. Sorry!)
* The Comet Speedster is now available for purchase on Mirage Isle for 800 Gilda Stars. The Timber Coupe remains unavailable for now due to XLGAMES wishing to tune its off-road capabilities.
* The Wrapped Santiago's Fishing Rod is now a tradable item.
* Increased the re-use time on Old Jars to 60 seconds.

* Changed the design of the casting bar to allow more room for text in various languages.
* Removed the display of Patron Time duration from the character selection screen and initial login, as this display often did not match the actual time remaining on your account. Your current Patron Time duration can be found on the Glyph website (https://archeage.trionworlds.com/account/profile/manage-game!input.action?dd=1#sub-status).
* Added a space between the "To Playername:" and the sent text when sending a whisper to another character.
* Removed an unneeded space between the number and the minute/hour designator on buff icons to save space.
* Updated the blocked word filter with more words. A known issue is that some words that contain letters of other words are being blocked unintentionally with the filter on.

* French/German: Updated the housing info UI to replace Korean with French or German as appropriate.
* French: Fixed one of the Freedich Isle maps so it no longer has Korean text.
* French: Fixed the House Sale UI button so the text aligns properly.

* This update will be available for download via Glyph during announced EU and NA game update server downtime windows. Please visit our Server Status forum (http://forums.archeagegame.com/forumdisplay.php?62-Server-Status) for details.
* Looking to try out the new content early? The Public Test Server has been updated with this latest patch and is available now (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2014/12/12/announcing-the-archeage-public-test-server).