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12-12-2014, 07:10 PM
Adventurers,Got questions about the Public Test Server (PTS)? Find answers to the most common ones here!Who has access to the PTS?Everyone with a Trion account has the ability to play on PTS for ArcheAge. What languages can I play in on the PTS?You can play in English, French or German – it just depends on what your Glyph Client is set to.How do I log into the PTS?To get to ArcheAge’s Public Test Server, load up Glyph and select “Public Test” from the region selection. You’ll have the option to install the Test client or, if you have already installed it, to play the game.Can I copy my live game installation to the PTS directory?If you want to avoid downloading the entire client, COPY your live client folder [Glyph Game Location]\ArcheAge\Live to [Glyph Game Location]\ArcheAge\PTS. Then rename “history.txt” to “pts-history.txt”. Make sure that you COPY your files, or you’ll end up having to re-download the live client. The default game location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games. After you launch Glyph, check the “Settings” to make sure that it’s pointing to the new folder that you just copied everything into, and update to the new build! You should only have a small update (150-180mb) to get you patched up.Why is my Patron Status missing on PTS?Anyone who becomes a Patron or begins a new subscription period will get Patron Status on PTS. We are working on getting Patron Status on PTS to existing Patrons as quickly as we can. To help with labor, the online labor regeneration rate has been doubled until we can get all historical Patron Time applied to PTS.How do I give feedback?The best way to give feedback is on our forums in the Public Test Server forum (http://forums.archeagegame.com/forumdisplay.php?79-Public-Test-Server). There will be threads for specific feedback that we’re looking for to ensure that we see all the feedback on key topics!If I buy something on PTS does it affect my live Credits?No. PTS and Live servers have different pools of Credits. Any Credits you spend on PTS will only give you items on PTS, and will not affect your live characters or account.How do I get Credits on PTS?There’s a couple different ways to get credits on PTS. Periodically, we’ll be granting players PTS Credits. If you purchase Credits, those Credits will get copied over to the PTS servers for when you’re testing. Remember, your PTS Credits don’t affect your live credits, so you can spend them on testing items safely!How do I get my character leveled up on PTS?After you’ve created your character and logged into the server, say “Level me up Fluffy” in /say and you’ll get experience, gear, gold, Gilda stars, and a few fun items to help you enjoy your new level. It might take a few seconds and some more chat before your level up happens! (If it you don't see a lot of chat from other players, try talking to yourself.) You’ll need to go to a mailbox to receive your items, so be sure to check all of your mail! Once you get leveled up to 50, select your additional 2 skill trees. Use the Growthstones in your inventory to level additional trees up to 50. Select your skills, equip your gear and you’re all set!Is my progress on PTS permanent?No, all progress on PTS may be wiped at any time without notice.Where do I find out what’s new on PTS?Check out the Public Test Server forums (http://forums.archeagegame.com/forumdisplay.php?79-Public-Test-Server) for the latest notes and testing directions.Got a question we missed? Ask it here! This FAQ will be updated as needed so keep checking back.

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