View Full Version : Scapes: Trion says they never offered a 10% discount

12-12-2014, 08:10 PM
Would it be possible for you to post the version with the correct nuances? Yes, we've updated it to be more thorough in detail. The team really does apologize for the lack of clarity and frustration surrounding this topic.
Trion sincerely apologizes for any confusion regarding the 10% discount on ArcheAge® Marketplace purchases for participants of the Patron Program that was mentioned in the June 25th news article. The phrase “available after launch” was intended to mean that this benefit would take effect “sometime after the game’s official launch,” immediately upon its completion by the game’s developer. However, because Trion was uncertain as to when this benefit might become available, we chose not include it in any of the advertising, nor in any of the purchase flows.That said, Trion is aware that certain users had interpreted the news article to mean that the benefit would be available immediately upon launch. Trion holds itself to an exceedingly high standard, and seeks to address its users’ concerns as expediently as possible. To that end, in an effort to address this misunderstanding, the moment it appeared that the original benefit would not be forthcoming in what we deemed to be a reasonable period of time to keep our customers waiting, Trion immediately implemented a substitute solution under its exclusive control as quickly as possible.Instead, Trion adopted a comparable solution that could be implemented far more quickly. Accordingly, Trion has retroactively granted all participants of the Patron Program who purchased a Credit Pack after Head Start (September 12, 2014) an additional 10% Credit grant, and will continue to do so for all future Credit Pack purchases made by participants of the Patron Program.We absolutely do regret the confusion around this benefit, and will be taking its lessons to heart for future partnered products.

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