View Full Version : Questions in regards to the testing - need some clarification please, Trion.

Beast Salphira
12-13-2014, 07:33 AM
Going by the players questions on the PTS, I think we would like these questions answered the most.

1. Marketplace & Christmas event. Will you be adding new marketplace items for us to sleuth out and have a test with such as the red and the white boxes from the Korean AA Christmas event? Will we be seeing the global Christmas decorations and snow? How much from the Korean version will we not be getting, EG. The cloth, leather, plater and weapon skins that weren't brought in for Halloween from the Korean version.

2. Professions. Players that have been wanting to test out multiple professions or need the mats to summon the Dragon which apparently requires 50k of mining would like to know if at some point will we be getting profession boosts or mats to fast track them up. The time it would take to fast track up to usable levels is too long.

3. Housing. Is there a chance of getting fast track houses to have a touch down while we're playing the PTS? This may also help players who don't have and have never had land on live or in alpha/beta. It would also be another great addition, as we don't know how long between each wipe and time invested would be a waste if it's only days.

4. Credits. Many of the players, myself included, have quite a few credits on live but only received 8.5k on the PTS, will we see our true number?

Forgive any dumb wording or typos, I'm tired.
Thanks for your time and hopefully a response will follow!