View Full Version : Suggestions for providing a better test experience

12-13-2014, 05:32 PM
Hi guys,

It's nice that you're making the effort now to allow us to break things before they go to the live server but why didn't you guys just take a snapshot of our current characters from the live server and push them to the test? Give us the option of super boosting all of our stuff to 50 and giving us stuff to test out new high level dungeon content sure but surely there are other specific bug fixes you'd like us to look at.

It'll save time for the players to get to testing to be in comfortable and familiar shoes instead of taking the time to make things the way they're comfortable playing to test and at the same time it may encourage regular game play that we do on the live server to help identify new bugs. I'm all for testing new event/content additions but the regular game play mechanics interest me more as I'm sure it does other players as well.

Also, a proper bullet list of patch notes to test would be nice instead of the general press release to everyone to look through so we can test those specific additions and bug fixes would be nice. If you want us to test specific items, it'd also be nice if you allowed us a way to get those things and start trying to break it.

An example could be the new comet speedster, I wouldn't mind actually trying it outside of mirage isle to see if I can get to places I shouldn't and make it behave in ways that shouldn't be possible. I wouldn't mind another mirage donkey like bug where the car can drive up the wall on the test server but I wouldn't be as thrilled to see it make it past the QA/QC period and into the live server because no one could actually test it. My point is, the only way we could even test new items like that is if it's given to us to play with.

Another scenario for testing bug fixes, give us the materials/items for thing that may be an issue on the live server now. A specific example: give us those flirtatious flower things to do the exploit that gets players off the wheel of whatever they're driving. Let us test it right away to see if it's still an issue.

I myself, as I'm sure others would like to really go all out and help make the game better but help us help you. Then I think we can actually do something cool with this PTS initiative.

Food for thought, take my ideas and suggestions however you will. My two cents on the matter :)

12-13-2014, 05:36 PM
Oh, another quick suggestion that just occurred to me, sieges, don't limit them in the PTS like the live server. Let us do sieges whenever so we can help identify more bugs as needed since that seems to be a major issue that's currently in the live server. By doing this, we could even look at doing scheduled sieges to try server load testing amongst other things.

12-14-2014, 05:49 AM
Good suggestions, but like the 10000 suggestions I've seen before, probably nothing will be done with it. It would improve our testing capabilities if we had full control over all the things, instead of limiting us with gold, gilda, credits and loyalty.