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07-01-2014, 04:30 PM
Any plans for Coin Lock in ArcheAge? Judging by Alpha it is seriously needed. We're in talks with XLGames about implementing this.
When will you have an update to correct the skills depending on ping? To be determined. However, a fix is in the works.
So are you backing away from Firecait's statement during the last livestream (or the one before that) that it would not be up 24/7 for regular play?No.
..Honestly too, why relaunch alpha? We tested the base system and localization. This "so called new version" should be launched in beta so we can have some forward progress. Since "betas" are for testing "new patches or changes" also. Why drag this process out for as long as possible? What can a second alpha server which progress won't be kept in beta prove at this point??The announcement said it plainly. We want to test a pure Version 1.2 environment before going to Beta.
Will it be possible to send mails (maybe even whispers) accross different servers on release (maybe even from alpha to omega already)? Not at this time.
hello scapes glad to hear that information, and would trion combine cbt event and obt event together?The two are very different test phases.
Can you clarify when excatly the patch hits the servers? Tomorrow at 8:00 AM Pacific.
Thanks Scapes :)A few questions, if I may : a) Will you guys be discussing further the "16k banned accounts" or will you not? b) Will Trion be discussing the extent of the customization and customizability of the localized version of the game vs. what XL games is doing? (i.e. can we know what you're changing and what's in your power to change/balance?)c) Do we get to buy those awesome green AA tees or what =DThanks again! a) What more need be said?b) Our FAQ details this well.c) We're looking into ways of selling the ArcheAge shirts.
sorry if this will sound dumb but what exactly are the benefits of practicing the events? To make sure that the software is integrating with our hardware and systems.
Will we have to delete and reinstall AA for the release of 1.2 this week or will it just patch on to our existing install? If we do, will we get it early enough for those of us that don't have superfast internet to get it downloaded in time for server opening? Version 1.2 Build 4.1 will require a full redownload of the game client.
So Omega and Alpha will be having two different versions? O.o No.

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