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07-01-2014, 05:50 PM
Thanks for taking the time to answer, highly appreciated :) a) A lot of people have a hard time understanding/believing how it is possible that so many accounts were actually banned -- or actually that so many accounts are in Alpha, period. Are you clear this was only from the NA/EU Alpha held by Trion? Can you tell us a bit more what happened, and some specific numbers to support the 16k number? b) Well it says you debate features and escalate requests/feedback with XL Games. It doesn't mention whether you control the balance "sliders" (xp rewards, hp amount, buffs/debuffs strenght, stats, etc.), money sinks/faucets, nor how much you plan or have managed to get the changes you asked for in. Will we get a detailed account of what is different between the KR version and the US one? Maybe some comparison chart of some of the key differences/similarities. c) W00t! =D Closer to 17,000 today, actually. The original article about the banning has the details on what caused those accounts to be removed from the test. Much as the FAQ states, we work very closely with XLGames to make ArcheAge the best free-to-play sandbox MMO it can be for North America and Europe. Adjustments to individual gameplay mechanics are part of that joint process. For sample changes, we've included a brief list of western adjustments at the top of our latest patch notes: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?14265-ArcheAge-Version-1.2-Build-4.1-Patch-Notes

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