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12-16-2014, 12:55 PM
I actually had high hopes for AA. It was fun, exciting. The game was beautiful and filled with amazing roleplay opportunities, like housing and the family option, but..
The game characters. :( They are un-animate and motionless. The gameworld is also weirldy one-dimensional. The cities and nature are gorgeous, but NPC's are unresponsive.
It's been a bit of a "meh" for me. How's the roleplay community on Dahuta Eu?

12-16-2014, 01:05 PM
I recall RP being in chat rooms devoid of graphics...heh. Cant comment to RP on the EU servers but it is doing quite well on Tahyang. I could agree though the NPCs could have a bit more liveliness to them, though I dont normally RP with NPC's

The Wanderer
12-17-2014, 05:03 AM
Yeah, there are some things that don't really lend themselves to RP in this game, unfortunately. That, however, doesn't stop people from RPing. A lot of newer games have more responsive characters, but back in the day, MMO RPers dealt with characters who not only didn't look at other characters when selected, but also didn't have idle animations--and sometimes didn't even have a command to switch from running to walking. The creative mind can still do plenty with what AA gives us. ^^

For info on the Dahuta RP community, I'd recommend checking out http://archeageroleplayeu.enjin.com/. It's been a little quiet as far as I can tell, but they seem to want to change that and could use more people like yourself jumping in to the fray and helping to liven up the community.

Kasus Cloud
12-18-2014, 07:43 PM
"It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment." ~ Carl Gauss

I would advise you to pay close heed to this quote and absorb its meaning, if you possibly can. I posted this quote because I have seen in you and your comments the same ignorance that can prove deeply harmful to both your own enjoyment of life and others. I state this not as an insult but a forewarning; a forewarning that you are never going to find your perfect Roleplay unless you open your mind to the possibility that where you stand, in this moment, is where you meant to be.

There is no perfection nor is there perfect RP. The perfection of human standards is a perception based deal that has been and will be unattainable. One's perfection is another's imperfection.
The true perfection is imperfection, the aspect of having a world where not everything is perfect, but life's ups and downs teach us how to better ourselves, and make life an enjoyable, unpredictable affair.

You are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Roleplay isn't meant to have all these props and mind stimulators, like NPC's and props and scene settings. These things are nice, yes, but they are not what makes true Roleplay.

What makes true Roleplay is creativity that you share with others. So go, and Roleplay with your friends. Because the best Roleplay you will ever have isn't a great perfect battle between two factions or being the king of the world, nor a truly dynamic character nor an immersive plot. It's being able to Roleplay with people you enjoy being around. Now, you may see this community as not living up to your expectations, and it might be. But not because of the NPC's or the Graphics. It's because you don't have friends you enjoy being around. So I urge you, take all of this into consideration, and decide for yourself. Where would you find good RP? Wherever it is, even if it's on a forum RP, that is where you need to be. Where we ALL need to be.

Again, I am not implicating you are in any way are stupid or a bad person or a even a Bad Roleplayer for what you have stated. You just haven't been able to find the true meaning, or your real niche. That is what you need to discover next. I've been Roleplaying for many years, I still learn new methods and ideals with each new event.

I hope you find your niche. It's the right of every Roleplayer to enjoy the RP they partake in on a mutual level. If you decide you need a friend or a compatriot to RP with, or even a mentor, I am in Tahyang west and open to RP with anyone, regardless of skill level.


12-19-2014, 12:54 PM
Thx, Wanderer. I'll try to locate the roleplayers on Dahuta.
Kasus Cloud, I only read the first few lines. I have seen in you and in your comment a person who's into self help books, homeopathy and music of Enya. Go out once in awhile. Real life is still way better than the imaginary one you seem to be living in. Thanks for the laugh tho. ;)

01-11-2015, 08:44 PM
I play a number of mmos and outside of The Secret World, AA gave me the best opportunity for the kind of role play that I love to do. The story is compelling but thin enough that i can create my own story. True role-play, involves the imagination, not how a npc looks or responds. I created two characters to role play with, since they are allowed to be friends and send messages to each other this gave me a perfect way to do the style of role play I like to do. My two characters who's names come from one of my favorite Sci Fi novels are continuing the story after the end of said novel. I managed to get the permission and blessing from the book's Author. No other mmo i know of has given me the freedom to do such a thing. Freedom and imagination are the defining factors here, all you need to do is embrace them and you can have a great role play experience.