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Toy Fuzion
12-18-2014, 10:35 PM
The Ginseng Reserve
Healer & Herbalist Services
Near Lacton, on the Solzreed Peninsula

The time of the Winter Maiden approaches, in honor of Kyprosa, Lady of the Forest and Gatekeeper of the Garden. The Ginseng Reserve has prepared gifts for purchase, so that others may show their holiday cheer. There is the Happy Winter Maiden's Day sign, which can be displayed at the entrance of your home, or to hang up near a warm fire hearth:


One can also wear their Winter Maiden's cheer on a shirt of any sleeve length, any color, sail or flag that could grace the home:


Stop by The Ginseng Reserve and get your holiday images today! If the shop is too far for travel, the proprietor is happy to mail the images for the price of 10 silver, or a memory ink, and there is no limit on requests and orders are usually handled in the same day. All proceeds will go toward funding a cure for the disease.

{OOC: These are the images that go on UCC items bought through the cash shop or loyalty shop, and giving them out just for the cost of the memory ink. All I ask in turn is that the request of the images are done through roleplay, and in-character. Doesn't matter if it's in person or mail! The image on the shirt will stand out more on a dark background and is transparent. The image used on the painting is on display outside of The Ginseng Reserve, location shown on the map below. IG contact: Fall}