View Full Version : there needs to be an inactive timer on farms

12-19-2014, 05:31 PM
so iv been seeing this alot lately around in game inactive farms that tax is still being payed but farms not being used. one of which is preventing me from expanding my land. iv tried everything offer 250+ gold for the spot including swapping spots but i get no reply from this person. iv been watching this spot for over 2 months now and iv noticed a pattern on the day the farm is about to expire tax is payed on it. and iv done my own test. because i have land that surround the 8x8 i built a wall of wood boxes around the property seeing if i get and mail or reply from the owner. its been up for about a week and i hear nothing and yet the 8x8 tax is still being paid. i really believe that this person is a bot just holding land one reason i believe this is that this person was lvl 36 two months ago and is still lvl 36 today. iv invested alot of gold and time to get the spot i have now and i think its unfair for those who actually play the game to be locked out of expandment because of a player who doesn't use the land they have at all.

wasn't sure where to post this so i though this would be the best place. i really believe there needs to be some kind of inactivity timer for farms for cases like these. for example if player doesn't plant anything on the farm for 3weeks that the farm will be up for demo regardless if tax is paid or not. i do like the tax system but there needs to be another system in place that will help prevent bots or inactive players from holding unused land.