View Full Version : Falcorth Plains Fertilizer Vanishing

12-20-2014, 05:52 PM
In alpha, I made several "Falcorth Plains Fertilizer" from a fellowship plaza, and set them on my farm. One day noticed many had gone missing, but then alpha ended and I didn't think much of it - thought maybe I'd made a mistake and it was "just alpha" so no big deal.

I recently made 14 of the same packs in release and again set them on my farm to trade later. Today I noticed 3 are missing. Just like in alpha. Only this time I know I didn't mess up. They have not reached their 5 day expiry, my farm is set to private and I ensured all packs were within the farm and not free loot and yet three packs are vanished.

Has anyone else experienced this? A neighbouring 8x8 has 3 fertilizer packs which is troubling. I submitted this in an email to tech support.