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12-21-2014, 08:06 AM
I have the same issue:


I have certs due and I've submitted screenshots and account detail screenshots in my ticket.

How can this even happen? It does not make sense to me. Also, I set my subscription plan to monthly just now to see if it would fix it so if I get multiple charges I'm going to be upset. If I've been charged, I expect a refund.

This is clearly unacceptable! I've spent a very large amount of money with this company and I'm not happy at all.

Server: Calleil
Character: Aeshir

Status: Resolved now
Post is at bottom of page with the GM that corrected/fixed the issue for me.

12-21-2014, 10:56 AM
I will continue to bump this until I receive a response.

12-21-2014, 04:58 PM
Still no response. Unbelievable.

12-22-2014, 04:54 AM
Still no response. My lands are now down to 3 days remaining. I cannot regenerate offline labor. I've paid out over $2,400 dollars on the game so far. This is how you treat your paying customers?


12-22-2014, 08:21 AM
Please note, the issue has NOT been addressed. I was in with live chat and this was the outcome of that chat. Once I left chat, I logged into the game to see that I still "am not fixed".

GM Drator: Thanks for contacting Trion Worlds Customer Support. My name is GM Drator. I'm happy to look into your issue for you today.

(ME): Hi there.

GM Drator: Hello!

(ME): Good morning, well sort of. :)

(ME): So on Saturday evening I came online and my patron status disappeared.

(ME): I logged into my account and saw that my status was 1 month + 273 days active.

(ME): I tested with all my characters and saw that all of their buffs were gone, my labor was stripped down to 2k.

(ME): I went back to my account, changed my subscription to monthly hoping that would help.

(ME): Trion then charged me $14.99 on top of this and then I still don't have my patron status.

(ME): To date, I have spent $2,400 dollars on this game.

(ME): I submitted a ticket # 141221-001247

(ME): No answer.

GM Drator: I can certainly understand how that can be frustrating. I will be more than happy to assist you with that! In order to do so, I’m going to need to collect some information from you.

Is the e-mail on this chat linked to the account in question, or is there another e-mail related to this issue? If there is another e-mail related, may I please have that information?

(ME): I even submitted a post in the forums. No answer.

(ME): my email on my account is ********@gmail.com and no other email attached.

GM Drator: Great, thanks! Just a moment while I retrieve your account information.

(ME): Right now my account shows One month patron on the sub plan and status active with time remaining at 1 month + 272 days. And you should also see that I was billed which I should not have been.

(ME): What I'm concerned about is why the game turned off my patron status which affects my land and the regen stats for labor, which also affects my land.

(ME): Secondly, why I was charged for a month when I should not have been...

(ME): Last, whether or not Trion really cares about a customer who has spent over $2,400 dollars on their game.

GM Drator: Our payment systems are set to take the funds for the purchase as soon as you confirm the payment. Only if you have a paypal with the "Bill Me Later" enabled to wait on paying the subscription fee.

(ME): So anyone who changes their subscription plan is automatically billed just for changing their plan?

GM Drator: After reviewing your account I also see that you indeed have all of your previous patron in your upcoming cycle, but that the patron just isn't applied to your server. Give me one moment to fix this issue please!

(ME): Thanks. Please let me know when that is completed and also let me know how the payment that should not have been charged will be addressed.

(ME): Also, when you say my patron wasn't applied to my server, what does that mean exactly?

GM Drator: Please give me one moment.

GM Drator: You didn't change your subscription plan, you purchased a 30 day patron yesterday. That's why you were billed the 14.99. But I am going to apply the patron to your server and if you would like I can refund the purchase that was made yesterday.

(ME): I was only changing my subscription. I didn't realize that would purchase anything. Yes, it should be absolutely refunded. I shouldn't be charged for something "double".

(ME): And, when you say apply patron to my server, what does that mean exactly? I'd like to know why this happened. Because of the issue, my character has not been able to regenerate lost labor to pay for the certificates on the property I own in game. How is this going to be addressed?

(ME): Depending on the level of service you provide me today - this will ultimately determine whether the next $2,400 is spent in this game or another one. I've been very patient with all of the issues and customer service is very important to me.

GM Drator: I understand, but technically changing your subscription plan is purchasing either a 30, 90 or 180 day subscription. I am not sure why the patron went missing from your server. Maybe when you were trying to change your subscription plan it did something to your current cycle.

GM Drator: I am almost done fixing the patron issue, thank you for waiting patiently.

(ME): No, that is inaccurate. I clearly stated that this happened "before" I changed my subscription status.

(ME): So, I would like to know why my patron status was not applied to my server, which forced me to check and change my subscription status, which allowed Trion to charge me an amount I never wanted to be charged.

(ME): And, as for the billing model, there is something seriously wrong when someone "changes" a subscription and is charged any amount. What you are basically telling me is that anyone who has already paid for a 90 day billing cycle that goes in and changes their plan to 30 days gets charged.

(ME): Before I leave here today, I expect the following things to happen: 1) My patron status should be restored, 2) the extra payment that Trion charged me should be refunded and noted that this is NOT a chargeback but a refund due to a billing error.

(ME): I have seen others get banned for chargebacks and I'm not initiating a chargeback.

(ME): last, I want to know why my patron status was not applied to my server which started this entire mess in the first place.

GM Drator: Correct. Regardless of you having a 90 day patron active, as soon as you confirm you want to change to a 30 day patron you will be charged for it and the patron will go into your upcoming cycle until your current patron ends. It was just an error on our end for the patron missing from your server. I have applied some vouchers so if you relog you should be able to see your patron status.

(ME): And, what's to keep this from happening again?

GM Drator: I am refunding your purchase as we speak, your financial institution should receive the funds within 3-5 business days. May I assist you with anything else today?

(ME): Yes, what is to keep this from happening again? And, how will I be reimbursed for the lost labor regen stats which pay for my certificates. As it stands now the only way I can pay for my property is pay Trion more money in the store.

(ME): Why should I be forced to pay for certs in the store because your company made an error with my patron status?

(ME): The amount that should be applied for the lost regen stats is approx. 250 certificates. I should receive 250 certificates in game.

GM Drator: I have talked to my supervisor and I have been approved to apply a 3 day patron to your account for compensation. Please give me one moment to finish refunding your purchase.

GM Drator: I have finished refunding your purchase. You should receive the funds within 3-5 days. May I assist you with anything else today?

(ME): Did you ensure that I will not be re-billed next month?

GM Drator: You shouldn't be billed for any more subscriptions if you don't change your subscription plan again. You still have a 30 day patron, 5 and 3 day patron for compensation waiting in your upcoming cycle. May I assist you with anything else today?

(ME): Based on the customer service received, I don't believe I will be spending my next $2,400 on this game. I'm sorry to say, it appears you have lost a customer.

(ME): If you check my account you will see the monetary amounts I have spent. Trion clearly does not care about its paying customers.

GM Drator: Great! Have a good day and thank you for contacting Trion Worlds.

12-22-2014, 10:15 AM
The second GM was able to fix my patron status issue. We actually had a more interesting conversation that was light and had some humor in it.

GM Nylartsur: Thanks for contacting Trion Worlds Customer Support. My name is GM Nylartsur. I'm happy to look into your issue for you today.

(ME): Hi there.

(ME): Email associated with the account is: ********@gmail.com
Your reference number for this ticket is 141222-000978.

I spoke with GM Drator about 1 hour ago in chat and he said that the issue regarding my patron status missing was resolved. I logged into the game and the issue still exists. I restarted my computer, logged in and the issue still exists. My patron status still is not showing in the game.

My server is Calleil AND Tahyang
My character on Calleil is *******

GM Nylartsur: Alright, thank you for providing me that information, and I'm sorry to hear that's happening. I'll be a few minutes wihile I look into this.

(ME): Thanks

GM Nylartsur: This is taking a few moments longer to investigate, I do sincerely apologize for the delay.

(ME): This chat sounds scripted. However, I don't care how long you take so long as it is fixed.

GM Nylartsur: I'm sorry you feel that way. I just like to flex my vocabulary a bit over chats :( I'll try to not have it sound as scripted, however.

(ME): Thanks that sounds a lot less scripted. :)

(ME): And, I've been dealing with this issue (which I did not create myself) for several days. After receiving no response I came to chat and after the first 30 min conversation, nothing was resolved. So, my patience has been tested.

GM Nylartsur: I understand. I'm trying to resolve this as quickly as possible for you, and I'm very sorry you even had to deal with this in the first place.

(ME): Thank you. I have to admit you are a lot nicer than the other GM I dealt with earlier. You have been at the minimum apologetic and courteous.

GM Nylartsur: Well, it's a set of skills acquired over a very long car--- aww, who am I kidding. I just like to be a nice person. And you guys are contacting us because you need our help. Better to be nice and assist, then a jerk, correct?

(ME): Yes, that sums up my thinking in a nutshell. I've spent almost $2,450+ dollars on the game so far and even though I'm still just another customer, I had hoped that someone would recognize that I am a big supporter of the game.

GM Nylartsur: Well, we very much appreciate it. I'm nearing the end of my investigation into this for you as well, so I hope to be able to present you with a resolution soon :)!

(ME): I'm still sort of boggled how this could have happened in the first place. I always though the patron status applied over the entire account. So, when the last GM said he had to apply vouchers to the server - it didn't make much sense to me because I have chars across multiple servers.

GM Nylartsur: I'm not entirely certain how it happened, but I have a fairly good idea of how we're go ing to resolve it at least.

(ME): A battle plan. I like it. I'll take the ranged slot and the tank slot. You can be the healer. Supply some heals over time on my account please. :)

GM Nylartsur: Luckily I just so happen to enjoy healing :)

GM Nylartsur: But yes, sorry for the wait, I am nearly done friend.

GM Nylartsur: Alright friend, can you try logging all the way out of Glyph, and all the way back in for me?

(ME): yes, I'll retest it right now. Please don't go anywhere.

GM Nylartsur: I will still be here, no problem.

(ME): It appears to be fixed. Can I please be credited 55 certificates? This is approx. 40% of the total amount of labor I lost during this ordeal. It would go a long way to help.

GM Nylartsur: I wish I had the abilityt o credit that, but sadly I don't. If we DO provide credit of some sort like that, we would likely do it on a mass scale for everyone affected by this issue.

(ME): Do you know what happened and how you were able to fix it?

GM Nylartsur: I do, but it sadly involved some internal information I can't share. Mainly, it was just a hiccup that needed to be smoothed out.

(ME): Well thanks for getting the issue fixed for me. Please note to your supervisor that you did an excellent and timely job. I would also like to note that whoever reviews accounts should look at mine and also that of others affected, and address the loss of labor we experienced. We support Trion. We would like Trion to support us. :)

GM Nylartsur: I definitely understand and will definitely get that information passed on correctly :)! While you have me here, did you have any other questions or concerns?

(ME): The only concerns I have really involve the state of the game. It appears a lot of people have left and it has me worried about how ArcheAge will survive. I think it has to do with overall customer service, not necessarily yours to me today. Also, the monetization of the cash shop is very high and causing fluctuation in the in-game markets.

(ME): If big spenders like myself leave the game, it will ultimately hurt the small spenders and non-spenders.

GM Nylartsur: Unfortunately, neither of those are topics I am particularly well versed in, or have the authority to speak on, myself.

(ME): Well that is all I have to say. Thanks for fixing my issue today and thanks for your time.

GM Nylartsur: However, I can assure you that if my workload is any indicator, ArcheAge is still doing very well in regards to the amount of players playing :0

(ME): I was 18 in the queue. :)

(ME): Thanks again!

12-22-2014, 10:28 AM
What, really??? I was on live chat yestesrday and the guy couldn't fix me.
I'm in live chat now again, and hopefully this guy can fix it. I will be PISSED if he can't.

12-22-2014, 11:18 AM
Nope, I was not fixed again.

12-24-2014, 06:59 AM
Nope, I was not fixed again.

They acknowledged the issue and as you can see by my first and second post, the first GM said it was fixed but it wasn't and then the second GM said it was fixed but wasn't. I also had sent a PM to GM Fasti and he answered me this morning to follow-up. You can try that as well.

12-24-2014, 09:56 AM
They acknowledged the issue and as you can see by my first and second post, the first GM said it was fixed but it wasn't and then the second GM said it was fixed but wasn't. I also had sent a PM to GM Fasti and he answered me this morning to follow-up. You can try that as well.

Yeah I got fixed on the third try.

If a GM tells you that they are escalating to tier 2 support, do not believe them. It is a fake excuse for them to dump you off the call because they couldn't figure out how to fix it. The third guy I had, he figured out how to fix me. Basically he just removed all of my existing glitched 6-month subscriptions and then did something else, so anyone else who can't get live chat to fix them, mention that for them, or link them to the forum threads like this one.