View Full Version : Patron status suddenly removed - cannot place houses or farms

12-21-2014, 09:07 AM
I have an existing Patron sub, and have been able to place houses and farms up until mid-day 12/20. Message is stating I have a free account status now and cannot utilize these abilities. Sub is current. Is this a known issue?

12-25-2014, 03:10 PM
Checking again to see if anyone else has had this issue where their Patron status in-game has changed to a free account status, yet they do have a paid Patron account? Finally got a Live Chat only to be told yes i am an active Patron, yet they would have to send it to another department and my response would be via email......................

01-06-2015, 08:29 AM
Same thing has happened to me with the PTS now back up. I'm not able to pay my taxes on my properties due to my Patron not showing up.