View Full Version : Just a few minor bugs or problems

12-21-2014, 04:20 PM

New to ArcheAge and having a blast. Just four things I would like to raise as issues...

01. I was running along the road just outside Windshade and suddenly fell through the earth. I was under the ground and swimming in invisible water. I could see the whole world above, floating houses and terrain. I couldn't even drown. So I created a portal gate and was able somehow even though floating to jump through it.

02: I have died twice now from mobs that are in evade mode and I just cannot do any damage to them. They somehow are still able to attack me but I can do absolutely nothing. Well other than run away.

03: I am getting a network error from the Glyph I think cus its there when I log out the game. Trouble is if I close the Glyph window then I cannot log in again without restarting the computer.

04: Lastly, you might want to check some of the labels on potions and things. I have one in my bag which is clearly oriental in language. I have no idea what it says.

Kinda more of bug reports. Not expecting an answer.

..... One last thing, and not a tech prob I don't think. For some reason although I play Rift and have Rift installed the game ArcheAge downloaded the NA version and is on the NA server. I hadn't intended that to happen as I am in the UK. Too late now to change... Hope that isn't a problem. Doesn't appear to be one.