View Full Version : help confused and have no idea shat to do

12-22-2014, 06:04 PM
I have patron status and I played archeage for last 3 weeks. However this is my issue. When I startup my glyph client for the last 4.days I get authentication error 2023. And I can't access website via desktop. Atm writing this on mobile data. I uninstalled glyph client but I can't access website to re-download so I'm not sure why my desktop is restricting all access to trion or glyph. But I do have access to website via mobilemobile. I will test on WiFi to see if it's my modem/router now and will edit with results

Edit: with my WiFi on mobile active I don't have access to archeage forums so problem lies with router/modem I think. How do I correct?