View Full Version : ok this seruis so pls gm raed it force dc exploit

12-24-2014, 08:07 PM
today i wos crafting me packs when almost done doing like last pack i sudlny dc las thin i sew befor dc wos som red showin behaind me <this part wil tel to gm not wone spreed posible exploit > and i dc it wos me frist dc after i reinstaled whole game and ful day no dc or crash so is the force dc posible if so fix it asap!!!!
PS lucky i wos abel to log fast and after droping last pack i run after red raiding on me cart and used raiders escep to get it back but streng i got no dc all day but when im almost fully laoded huler i got dc sudlny GM look in this !!!!
PS. and yes i cheked the log and it wos not disconection from me conection it wos forced be server so som bug msut be in progres and server drop client force dc him sams som fund haw to do it and do it !!!