View Full Version : "New Security Policy"

01-04-2015, 06:52 PM
My wife and I are new to the game, and we're experiencing the problem others are. We'd like to become patrons, but every time we try and access our accounts we get the following message:

"New Security Policy
For your protection, we have upgraded our account security requirements and now require you to re-enter a new password and choose new secret questions and answers.
We have sent a new message to the email address associated with your account. Please respond to this message from Trion Worlds Support (noreply@trionworlds.com) to continue with this quick process.

We take account security seriously. Taking a few minutes to make these changes will greatly increase the strength of your login credentials and help enhance the future safety of your account.

The link inside the message will expire in 15 minutes. Please check your email now.

You may try again if the link has expired by logging in and repeating this process."

Of course, the email never arrives.

We both created tickets for account or password recovery(I forget) because this was the only type of ticket we were able to submit, and any attempt to use different support options brought us back to the "New Security Policy" screen.

Our ticket numbers are 150104-000426 & 150104-000429. We responded to the email confirmation stating the problem. All we're trying to do is become patrons. Don't you want our money? :rolleyes:

Also, we have a couple of friends joining us in a few days. Will they experience the same issues?