View Full Version : [Help Build] Adventurous Wondering Support/tankey Bard

01-06-2015, 04:37 PM
Hi everyone so i been playing archeage for awhile now just hit 50,

so my main goal is to be a Adventures wondering bard that is tankey/play songs and does a lot of lock down and process of doing a lot of damage as well.

now i have had a look at Poxbane/Tomb warden/Soothsayer/inquisitor. i want a build that can be annoying in the process and just piss people of with lock downs and i can be survivability and move fast and be tankey. and in general help support my allies in pvp and pve :) and just have fun in general.

i be happy to take any suggestions i be happy to talk in game and take info i play on salpheria and ign Voltarus.

what kind of gear stats and armour to buy at this point in time i own currently full set of illustrious meadow gear Hasla great Club - hasla loot also also have fullset gha plate and gha leather armour and food wise as well what pots and food to use

so Please feel free leave a message below and thank you kindly to taking the time to read my thread
Sincerely Voltarus

01-06-2015, 08:19 PM
I am not PVP veteran but I am familar with all the trees

I would do something like this to start and tweak it as you tested it in real play


You rock support and do some great CC, also a little burst damage from def with witchraft. Good def with a shield. I'd tend to roll with a good scepter. As Its hard to see how the hot bard song would do any good unless in mass pvp. But if you had a heal club you could swap to it for support, then to scepter to go on offense.

I might roll like this soon myself in PVP. I'll prolly have a more refined version of the above after awhile.