View Full Version : Amary: Latest Marketplace Update on PTS - 1/8/15

01-08-2015, 06:40 PM
The Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest glides into the Marketplace featuring the Sloth Glider (Glider Companion: Sloth)! This glider has been adjusted to match the stats of other gliders available through the Marketplace or Founder's Packs. In addition to the Sloth glider, you might notice this chest has a chance to drop a high-tier Feast Table, which is a buff food that provides one of four (based on type) buff effects for a group of up to 10 people. As a greater portion of the playerbase is reaching higher levels, we'd like to expose more players who might not be familiar with endgame content or high level buff items to the existence of these types of buffs and their usefulness, increasing the market for these items overall. Additionally, as we move toward the increase to level 55, both XLGames and Trion are working on ways to encourage players not at the leading edge of gear progression toward improving their gear in preparation for more difficult content. Part of this involves some upcoming in-game promotions around the Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love 10-player instances, for which most players should find these group buff items useful. This lockbox, and therefore the Feast items coming from it, will not be a permanent addition to the store and this source of Feast items will fall off with the next Marketplace update. Additionally, Pet Dual-Recovery potions have been added to the Marketplace to act as a pet resurrection item until the correction to the previously-available Pet Healing Potion is complete. Pet Healing Potions now heal 100% of your living pet's health, but still do not resurrect them. The Holiday items have been removed from the Marketplace, with the exception of the Brown Reindeer The Rudolph Archeum Supply Crate will remain available until our next Archeum Supply Crate refresh coming in the next week or so.

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