View Full Version : PTS Feedback:Initial impressions

01-14-2015, 04:57 PM
So far I've been having fun on the PTS. Makes me feel like I'm a part of an alpha program again and it's quite fun. Here is my initial feedback for the Devs:

1) Transfer the 20/10 labor regen to the live server - I LOVE the fact that labor regen has increased to 20 pts per 5 min online and 10pts offline. That's the way it SHOULD be. FTP players should get the 5/10 labor regen currrently prescribed. This would alleviate sooo many of the worker compensation and tax woes that are driving away so many players and it would also make the game actually playable for FTP players. I feel this is the #1 improvement you could make the help bring ppl back to the game.

2) Add an Ultimate Glider, major city portal locations and Shatigon's spoonfuls to "level me up fluffy" - Minus the bug with metalworking and printing leveling codes which needs fixing, I feel there are plenty of "cheat" codes built into the game for leveling. The only changes I would suggest is adding a standard "ultimate" glider, a port to each zone's major city and maybe 10 Shatigon's spoonfuls to your inventory in addition to the mount and the clipper. Not all of us like the sloth glider and it's a real pain trying to get around in the beginning of the game. Also with no mats on the Auction house its nearly impossible to repair your boat before getting a farm and I had the unfortunate experience of getting mine blown up by Morpheus before said farm could be aquired to gather the mats for a spoonful to repair it.

3) Mining Stone vs Iron needs to be re-balanced. This is another broken mechanic in the game that is causing a lot of economic havoc. It simply doesn't make sense that you get more iron than stone from mining. For immersion/realism it doesn't make sense because in any kind of mining the "ore" is always encased in a ton of stone, but it also doesn't make sense from an economic standpoint in the game. Stone is a very commonly used commodity in many crafting trees yet its very rare. Where as Iron which is used much less in comparison to either stone or wood is in vast over abundance. Stone should be as easily obtained as wood if not easier as it is arguably used more than wood.

The drop rates of stone vs metal needs to be reversed. Its a simple fix that would do much to rebalance the economy on both the PTS and the live server.

4) Make Garden Powder more attainable - This has been mentioned multiple times by many users but without the farming bots selling them on AH like on the live server it's nearly impossible to get garden powder on the PTS in any reasonable amount. In general this commodity needs to be more easily obtained on the live server as well as PTS. My suggestion is to create another way to farm this powder. I mean where does this "mysterious garden powder" come from? why is it only on monsters? Just as archeum can be farmed by archeum trees there should also be a way to farm the mysterious garden powders. Perhaps adding another rare proc to the "obsidian Eggs" where the egg will once in a while proc to produce mysterious garden powder instead of moon, sun or star point dust?

5) Fix character deletion - As other players have noted there is a bug (or intentional limitation) where even after the wait period your deleted character does not go away. I feel the 7 day turn around time is a fair delay so that "fluffy farming" can't be done so frequently, but after that we should be allowed to create another toon per usual. Another way to balance this out and prevent farming is to make it so only Patron Players can use fluffy. Legitimate FTP players really don't have a reason to play on the PTS anyway so really the only ones drumming up FTP accounts are players with at least 1 patron account. By eliminating Fluffy access to FTP it limits the fluffy farming players are doing and forces them to start growing archeum trees or farming mobs to get their crafting mats.

6) Eliminate housing for players that have been inactive for a certain number of days. If you are a PTS server tester then you need to be logging in and actually testing. One way to foster this is to reduce the 2 week demolition period down to 1 week. Alternatively a more complex route is to base it off the # of days a user has been inactive. If they haven't logged into the PTS (while it is live) in over 14 days, then their property gets automatically removed. In addition to that after a PTS downtime, make all land taxes due as soon as the PTS comes back up and refresh everyone's labor to 5k. That would effectively give people 14 days to pay their taxes before losing their land. And with their labor refreshed they shouldn't have a problem paying them.

7) Make Ironclads and the various other types of tanks purchasable via mirage island. While particularly important on the Testing server where you really can't generate honor quickly enough to buy them via the honor shop, this also should be implimented on the live server. Perhaps the "mortar" could be the base model and then with some additional crafting you can "upgrade" the mortar into an ironclad or a fire ironclad etc.

That's all the feedback I can think of for right now before the lvl 55 patch comes out.