View Full Version : @Trion - Commentary on Sea of Drowned Love 10 Man

01-19-2015, 05:13 PM
As someone who has run this dungeon close to 30 times now (not on PTS), I have to say the drop rates are pretty unrewarding. I know the upcoming changes will increase the drop rate of the Dolphin which is great (we still haven't seen one), but would you also consider increasing the drop rate of the tier 2 helmets as well? Currently we have only seen 3 drop. It's almost always tier 1 which is not upgradeable to tier 2. Many people in my group are getting frustrated as the way it is now is a bad system. With all the work it takes to be able to do the dungeon, and then the effort to down the boss, the drops shouldn't be rewarding one in ten times. Either increase the drop rate of the tier 2 vs tier 1 helmets or implement a system for the tier 1 to be upgraded to tier 2 - that way the ones we are getting over and over aren't just fodder.