View Full Version : (Poll) This is a poll between 4 classes for Arena, 5v5 and Seige.

01-25-2015, 06:06 PM
I'm trying to pick between 4 classes. Character would be for PvP. Arena's, 5vs5 and Sieges. I'm just wanting to know what you feel would be better for the group and for a guild. Thank you.

01-25-2015, 11:17 PM
You can quickly respec to any of those, so use them situationally. Skullknight for mass pvp/pve, dreambreaker/shadowknight for 1v1. All do pretty well in openworld, although dreambreaker/shadowknight much more so.

01-26-2015, 04:05 PM
Group PvP definitely it should be Skullknight. Skullknight is no good being on a 1v1 fight, for that I would pick Dreambreaker.