View Full Version : New western Inoch server guild <Shadow Guard> is recruiting

01-30-2015, 04:47 AM
If you're tired of guild jumping in an attempt at finding a guild that is right for you, then why not help to build a guild that is right for you instead? Shadow Guard is a new PVP guild with our sights set on the goal of becoming powerful enough to take down the big pirate/ganker guilds, so we need some hardcore PVPers who enjoy a good challenge. We're not here to play Farmville, we're here to fight against the best and win!
Our current focus is building our ranks and gearing up while we build our fleet. I don't care if you're not level 50 yet because anyone can get to level 50 in a short enough time, and I don't care if you already have full GHA armor and T3 Hasla weapons or not because anyone can get those too. What I care about is recruiting new members who are good teammates who will use voicechat. Being able to take a joke is certainly a major plus because as competitive as we wish to be and as focused on winning as we are, we still want to have a good time, win or lose.
I am an experienced guild leader who has built and led powerful guilds on many games (particularly the best PVP oriented games such as DAOC, WAR, and SWG). I originally formed <Phoenix Legion> on Archeage but ragequit the game after the Auroria fiasco because, quite frankly, the game was not even remotely ready for release and I was tired of hours of my life wasted on a broken turd. I returned to Archeage recently and found it to be functional enough to rationalize putting time into it, and since I'd passed leadership of the Legion off to capable people who have kept it alive and did a great job (as I'd predicted they would) there's really no place for me in that guild now, so I am building Shadow Guard.
Currently this is a guild for those who can see potential rather than those who are looking for a free ride. I need resourceful people to help me build this team into a power house capable of standing up to the scoundrels who turn the waters red with the blood of their victims.

Message Vartross or Teiwaz in-game for an invite, or for more information about the guild if you're interested in potentially joining us.