View Full Version : ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.2: Patch Notes

07-15-2014, 08:58 AM
MARKETPLACE - TEMPORARILY ON HOLD; game servers are available while our teams are troubleshooting.

* The in-game Marketplace is being enabled with this build for testing and feedback!
- There are new icons in the bottom right corner of the screen to access the store. The storefront icon will be customized in a future build.
- The Loyalty tab of the Marketplace contains items available for purchase with Loyalty Tokens, earned by Patrons on their first login of each day.
- Items and prices in the Marketplace may change based on feedback and usage.
- Founder's Pack credits should be available for test use on your accounts. These credits are shared between Alpha and Beta (spending some on Alpha will reduce the amount you have available on Beta) and will be refilled when the game goes live - you are not spending these credits permanently while in Alpha!
- For players who are in Alpha via invite and not a Founder's Pack, you should have received a credit grant this morning with the same amount of credits as an Archeum pack would give (11,250).

* Fixed a bug with system Tax mails that prevented players from paying taxes.
* Updated text with most recent translations and localization.
* Some Korea-region specific event quests have been removed (particularly from Mirage Isle).
* Behind the scenes, the way character data is stored has changed in structure, which is the driving force behind the full redownload today.

07-15-2014, 10:38 AM
Adding this info here, as well:

At this point we will be leaving the Library instance open on Alpha due to players having already obtained items from within the instance; the content in the Library and Diamond Shores is not expected to be in final English at this time (aka, expect things in Korean)