View Full Version : GM Fasti: Mouse and keyboard freeze everytime I close the game

02-18-2015, 01:40 AM
I'm having this same issue with both my laptop and my desktop. I didn't have this issue when running windows 7, far as I can see it's a windows 10 problem. On my laptop the track pad and my corsair M95 mouse stop working; on the laptop the mouse can be used again when removed and plugged back in but the trackpad stays disabled until a complete restart of the operating system. On the desktop I have the same issue with my Red Dragon Perdition mouse.I run windowed mode on my laptop and full screen on my desktop. I just want to confirm that you are using Windows 10, not Windows 7 or 8?If that is the case, I will send that info over to the team to investigate, but we're not able to guarantee the game will run without issues on a Beta build of an operating system. Please update me if I am misunderstanding. Thanks!

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