View Full Version : Scapes: PTS Wipe Before Secrets of Ayanad Build

02-18-2015, 12:00 PM
Dedicated testers,The Secrets of Ayanad are soon to be revealed! As discussed on our livestream last Friday (2/13), the PTS will be wiped in preparation for the first Secrets of Ayanad build, currently being tested on our internal QA server. This wipe allows for a clean slate so that all of the data we collect from PTS when it comes back online is purely from the new build.The team has also revamped the Fluffy tool, adding all-new commands geared around the new level 55 content. Additionally, all new characters created once the PTS is live will start at level 53. We're working to bring Secrets of Ayanad to the PTS as quickly as possible and will have updates to share on our next livestream.See you in Diamond Shores soon!

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