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Not affiliated with any other guilds similiarly named outside of Krakken West.

Note we are no longer a guild, but now a family within Mount Phoenix Imperials.


Krakken server, one of the more active servers in the game.
Its a great place to play and a great place to find guilds, but you won't find one like us.

Crusaders is a small tight knit group of players. We're seeking family oriented players to increase our numbers. Players of all ages can find a safe place to play and enjoy the game without the big guild drama and adult language but can experience all aspects of the game such as privateering, trade runs, dungeon running and more! Not experienced in the game? No problem! We'll train you in the game and show you the ropes. We take all players new and experienced alike as long as you abide by our rules of conduct below.

Prime times:

US Central Time Zone players (GMT -6)
Weekdays - 6pm to 10pm
Weekends - Mostly all day long
Holidays - Mostly all day long

What we are:

Family oriented - Means strict moral values, friendly to all races and religions. There is ZERO tolerance for racial slurs or religious defamation. You are welcome to share your views and values if asked, but you are not welcome to bash other's values.
Family friendly - Means no adult language in voice chat, it is permitted in-game chat because it has language filters, but its a good idea to just avoid it all together so we don't HAVE to use them.
Adult Centered - Meaning we act as adults, take responsibility for our own actions, and control ourselves in a manner that reflects positively on our guild and its members.
Team oriented Gamers - Means we work together. No solo players. If you want to play by yourself, use us to fight your battles, expect us to give you stuff, and then ignore others when they call, don't join us. When the guild calls, we come. You'll find you'll probably enjoy the game more if you play with others anyway. This really goes without saying.
Loyal members - We protect our own first and foremost. If you have friends you play with regularly, encourage them to be a part of our team so you can keep playing with them. We expect you to help our guild members before you help outsiders, but we will help those that need it when we can regardless of affiliation (this applies to members of our faction only - we will not assist reds).
Voice communicators- Meaning we use voice comms. Invest in a good mic, download teamspeak, and be present on teamspeak while playing. If you're not in a group, get in one, and be in their channel. At the very least, be on teamspeak and listening. We can read guild chat just as easily as your response. At least in those situations we can communicate, but you'll have a much better time if your voice can be heard as well. (Please learn to play with push-to-talk enabled as well)
We play to win - Means when we group up, we're a group of hardcore players. We don't do things half way. We go balls to the wall. We do it right or we don't do it at all. We pick our battles carefully. If we know we cannot win or will have a better chance later, we melt away and leave them wondering and strike at a later time.
Red haters - If its RED and its on OUR continent, its DEAD. If they're your friends, too bad. Encourage them to join our faction and play with our family of players, but if we have to ally ourselves with reds or pirates to get the job we're doing done, its not worth doing. We will when the occasion permits, not attack reds if it benefits our cause, in most cases, we will not attempt to disrupt world boss kills from either faction (unless they interrupted our group first or are known to do so for other green guilds) but we will not assist reds in killing greens in any way but we are more than happy to step out of the way and let them do the dirty work if we are unable, or have no moral qualms, turning a blind eye toward those that need a good red smack down.
We play the game as intended - Meaning no bot programs, or other bannable items.
We realize this is a game - This means we are not strict with time played. We accept casual players, part time players, and we will accommodate those that wish to play in a non-hardcore environment. We all have lives outside the game, and that takes priority over the game 100% of the time, but while you're here, you're a member of our family and we want you to be a part of that by playing with us and enjoy yourself while you're with us.

What we are NOT:

Elitest jerks - We don't dictate how to play, what to play, or when to play. Its your game. Play on your terms. All we ask is you play it WITH us and be a part of the community. We will make suggestions on how you can assist the team better when roles are short (IE more healers, more tanks etc), but you play the way you are most comfortable with.
Pirates - There's other guilds you can do this with.
Same Faction killers - No purpling except to defend yourselves, a preemptive strike when authorized by leadership, or to get wanted players arrested and send them to jail. In the absence of leaders, purpling is permitted at your own discretion but you must notify an officer as soon as possible as to who and why you did it so we can work with those if they complain later and explain why you did it. You are responsible for any repercussions to your own actions, up to accepting removal from the guild if unjustified. You will not receive assistance from guild members in an unwarranted attack against same faction members and anyone assisting those in such attacks will receive equal punishment as the instigators. The general rule of thumb is we only purple against enemies in groups, against those that attacked us first, and then we end it by any means necessary. If that means calling in 100 people, from 5 alliance guilds to kill 2 people and camp them at the nui for several hours until GMs tell us to back off, we'll do it, but we do it together. (To those outside the guild who experience this, you may trash talk us all you want. You've been warned. Don't cry when you're out gunned and don't expect us to bend over and take it either. We have no pride in "doing stuff by ourselves". Allies are considered us, and we will take credit and give credit where its due)
Faction harassers - Means we don't troll other people from our faction. Those that want to do that can join other guilds. If its green - work with them or leave them alone. This does not apply to purple targets. Treat them as if they are red and destroy them with extreme prejudice.

Things we do for fun:

Assist those that need leveling help
High seas combat / Privateering
Trade runs
Dungeon Running
World bosses
Hunting Reds on their continent
Blockading - Stopping reds, and protecting greens, in certain areas such as Seachild Wharf, Golden Fable Harbor, Feuile Sound / Crescent Throne, and other places.
Deep Sea diving / Treasure hunting / Pack hunting and recovery
Mercenaries for hire - protecting those that want it for reasonable compensation (Monetary or otherwise) that does not compromise our core values (IE we will not take jobs that require us to kill greens or protect reds).
Anything else that sounds fun - It is a sandbox game after all, we're not limited to any of these things by any means...

Rules of conduct:

Be a part of our teams.
No swearing in voice comms. (Just don't key up and you're fine, cuss all you want with your mic off :) We don't judge. )
No purpling unless authorized by an officer or leader.
No Scamming / cheating / or other type of defrauding of other players. -There is zero tolerance for this.

If you're still reading this then you're clearly someone we want. Those that take the time to look at all aspects of what they're getting into is something we look for in our members. The way to prove this, and you'll note its not listed in the application list below this is extra credit, is to mention what your favorite flavor pie is when speaking to one of our recruiting officers. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, applying is pretty straight forward and simple. See below on what else needs to be done.

How to apply:

Submit a screenshot via private message to me of your character login page for krakken server. This must include the character you wish to join with. You are not required to join with any other toons, we just want a record of your alt toons to keep out scammers. (you may blank out your total coins on that toon if you wish to keep that to yourself, we don't care how rich or poor you are, only who your alts are)
Let us know why you picked us to join out of all the others in the game.
Let us know what you hope to get out of being a part of our family.
State that you have read and agree to our rules of conduct above.

Most everyone will be accepted to join as long as they agree to our rules. These questions are more so that we can know what you need and if we can help you achieve your goals. We have many allies that can assist you where we cannot and can recommend great guilds to be a part of if ours doesn't fit your needs and goals but we will try to make your time in our guild enjoyable.

We look forward to you being a part of our family. If you have any questions feel free to PM me in game or on the forums, or post here. I will answer as best I can.

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Shameless bump. PM Adanak or Vetonet in game if you're interested.

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Another bump to reset. Apply today! We're growing!