View Full Version : Amary: ARCHEUM CRYSTALS: We Really Need an Answer

07-15-2014, 11:50 AM
I posted this in response to a thread in the Alpha forums, but also wanted to surface it here for both the sake of this thread (as it directly points to one of the listed items) as well as dev tracker. :D
Based on the feedback and data we've seen from play on Alpha, these are the top 4 areas we're focusing on in terms of finding a balance in fun and long-term game economy for our region. By no means is this everything! :) The upcoming Beta event will also help add to our data on how a brand new servers shake out with the current rates.- Overall drop rate/entry of Archeum into the economy- Labor costs on acquiring loot or quest rewards- Tuning of gilda stars received from intercontinental trade routes- Overall labor regeneration for Patrons (especially offline vs. online)

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