View Full Version : GM Fasti: The Gods Have Disconnected You after server selection

02-20-2015, 07:10 AM
This does not work. It has been currently 26 hours since the last time I have been able to log into the game on Enla Server NA - since the 'Ddos' attack and currently keep getting "The gods have disconnected you" immediately AFTER server select. I've hit the twitter account for ARCHEAGE only to get a response of December 2014's issue or no response at all. So why is it that I can log straight in to GW2 and any other MMO on my computer but can't seem to get into your game? It's not my internet. It's YOUR GAME. Enla is online with a normal population, so we'll need to do a bit more investigation to determine what is happening. Can you try your lower level character and see if that one can log into the game with that character now?Please submit a ticket (https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us) describing your issue, and what steps you have already taken, so they don't offer duplicate steps for you. I appreciate your patience.

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