View Full Version : Hope to see this patch on live servers in weeks, not months

John Small
02-21-2015, 11:46 AM
It's pretty clear there is little testing actually required here. This is core content from 1.0 that trion cut from launch and it isn't a real expansion. I was hoping trion would sneak a few little 1.7 1.8 extras out, maybe those siege changes we have been begging for, but theres nothing of the sort outside of the crafting changes. I really like being level 55 and look forward to it on live since those 5 skill points are basically required to make 115 of the 125 classes available actually viable but besides that, this update is really under whelming.

Not seeing much hype for this on the various social network or gaming communities. Not even seeing much hype for it here on the forums. Do the right thing trion, just release this patch. Let the people who still play enjoy it, don't drag it out for another 2-3 weeks while you publicly test our patience. The spots that you did normalize are a little rough but we dont need a build revision for that. We'll deal with it like we've dealt with all your other minor mess ups. It's part of your normalization charm.

02-21-2015, 11:54 AM
If everybody enjoys what's on the pts, should be here in March which is indeed weeks away. Now if people don't like it, Trion said they will delay it. Only thing I came across as a con so far was the prof reduction for crafting which increases demand for archeum since we'll suddenly have people able to craft Delph at 25k and epherium is 10k I believe?