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02-22-2015, 11:10 PM
Who we are?


Carpe diem consists of a core members from jade dragons.
We are easy going group that know each other and like to have fun together.
We have around 40 members and our pvp raids usually consists of 15-20 ppl.

[B]What do we do?

For majority of our members PVP is the number one source of entertainment and we PVP everyday,
weather it is teaching nuians the art of labor free fishing with harpoon and cannonballs, skirmishes in hasla, freedich and other heavily trafficked locations.
We DO NOT pk unless kos.
We also do the usual stuff like trade runs, PVE and professions.

Our goals?

We are in great shape atm but in order to progress we need to increase our numbers.
We want to be able to create 30-40 man raid during peak hours, so that we can do world bosses, freedich runs and other activities that fund our PVP more efficiently, we could also use more folks to carry all the packs/fishes that we ... hmm well "borrow" from reds.
However we don't want to grow too big, staying tight knit group is our Number one priority.

Who are we looking for?

Mature players that speak and understand English.
Our recruitment is done via teamspeak where we can explain things and answer question so TS3 is a must.
We also expect you to have at least tier 1 hasla weapon and full gha gear or better.

If you to APPLY or ASK any questions whisper Sukhi or Kragat in game for TS3 details.
Check some of our videos on our YouTube channel:

Carpe Diem :