View Full Version : Armor crafting req..

02-22-2015, 11:44 PM
I rather Trion remove or reduce the essence requirement and not touching the lvl requirment, this way you keep the existing crafter happy as well.

The reason for stating so is because once the lvl requirement has been reduced, there will be more ppl trying to crank out items, but if the drop rate remains the same whatever the bottleneck was before will be even more noticeable, and it will run into a drought situation. If you still run the same drop rate then...OH DEAR

If the idea is to appeal to more, then the crafting volume needs to increase. If Trion/XL cant at least take a loss on that, I don't know what to think about the game's future.

Lower drop rate has to do with a game's life span (likely Archeum dictate how Archeage survives). But if you nerf it so hard to prolong the game's life, you choke out the possible player base increase in the new patch.

A person is gonna only pay so much before he/she quits, you really want to tap that target? Nevermind the whales in Korean/Russian version, even those would quit too.

Pls think many times over Trion/XL, there's a chance at greatness and u choose petty cash.