View Full Version : Inventory/warehouse space reduction

02-25-2015, 01:32 PM
I noticed in alpha, and again in PTS , that farming the library requires you to have an additional 30-40 slots of available space in your bag. Just to be able to fit a stack of each of the different untradeable materials that may drop as you farm.

You can alleviate this somewhat, by transferring the stacks into your warehouse when you bag gets full, since several of the items are quite rare they wont appear in your bag every day, but you will still need to have 40 new free slots in your warehouse when the Library patch comes.

Effectively we are going to be running around with 40 slots in our warehouse taken up with partial stacks, and another 20-30 slots in our bags taken at any particular time.

This combined is almost a third of the fully upgraded combined bag/wh space available in game currently , and could especially be a problem for accounts that havent got fully expanded 130 slot bags and warehouses.

Because the items are untradeable they cant be stored in chests either.


Well not really sure if theres anything Trion can do apart from "yes we realise this sucks" but I figured I should post this so they can at least think about this issue of untradeable item storage requirements in the coming patch.