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02-28-2015, 11:58 AM
Does anyone know if you regrade your T1 Obsidian Weapon to celestial, can it go to divine and further due to crafting it to t2,t3 and so on?

Thank you very much!

02-28-2015, 12:20 PM
Obsidian has no risk I can think of as long as you are smart about it. It's pricey the higher you get in the chain and the items you need to farm are harder to get as well for next tier.
tier 1 - 1x illus + items (you have to farm for)
2 - 1x illus item
3 - 1x mag + items
4 - 1x eph + items
5 - 3x eph + items
6 - 3x delp + items

A tip when making Obsidian weapons is whatever grade the first one is carries to the next with a chance to proc next grade.
So a smart person would buy and farm A LOT of illus weapons and keep upgrading the first tier of obsidian to the highest possible grade and go from there.


tier 1 - 1 illus weapon (very cheap to make) upgrade to celestial or maybe even up to divine/epic and then upgrade to next tier with lucky chance to proc to legendary or even to mystic! (Depending on how ambitious you are it can be quite expensive)

This is where Obsidian weapons are lower risk in terms of regrading (but pricier the higher you get) over regular crafting weapons.

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