View Full Version : WTS Land Plots (West) including Trusted Traders Llist (and scammers also)

03-04-2015, 02:39 AM
Hello, my name is Oto.
I'm selling small amounts of land on Inoch. If u want to buy mine spots plz check availability in game (Just pm me).

There is no much land available for sale. But u can easily find what u want in short period of time.

If You think I'm a scammer just trade with me once and post here screenshot of the result. We'll see then.

If You made successful trade also make screenshot and post it here. I want to be popular ;-)

Also I'm offering to make TRUSTED TRADERS LIST. For those who want not to get scammed in game.
__________________________________________________ _
THE LIST (OF Trusted Traders)

1) OTO - trusted seller. U can trust him any amount of gold. But he wont take more than land will cost.

... and so on.

Also I'll try to keep this thread updated with scammers list. If u get scammed plz post screenshot here and we will blame scammer together.

Trusted scammers list

They willl take all ur gold and give u nothing instead. Trust them nothing!

.... nothing here atm

03-04-2015, 05:06 AM
Currently a lot of the server on the west suspects you of being a land hacker since you pop up a minute before a demo and despite multiple others present at the time get 100% drop rate on the land grabs then log out. I believe you are not selling land in any open pvp zones correct? I've personally seen you work as have many others at this point.

Having a successful sale/trade does not make you not a land hacker. If we are all wrong then it's up to you to prove it otherwise.

There is a reason you get called out on a regular basis when advertising in faction chat.

03-04-2015, 06:37 AM
You can think everything you want about me. When ppl fail with claiming land they blame everyone all around. Anyone who wins land become a hacker. And I dont need to prove anything. If U need land lets make deal and help others to do the same. If U think my idea is bad or I'm wrong or im hacker or so just report me and let competent persons check and make descisions about this

Malaria NA
03-04-2015, 07:32 PM
Judging by how you type, I'm fairly sure you don't live in Texas (or probably anywhere near it) yet every single time a property demos your design is already placed before anyone else even sees the area turn from red to grey. It doesn't help your cause either that you ride up seconds before demo with a non-guilded mid 20s level character, grab the plot, and immediately ride off + nearly every time you advertise your land for sale in-game there are people calling you out for hacking. For any person that has been to even 1 or 2 land grabs where all parties are legit/no hacks used and then experience a land grab where you are present it's pretty obvious that its not a fair grab vs you.

03-05-2015, 02:57 AM
Not even 24 hours after posting you're already done haha.
Since the day you decided to take this character (I assume you're just an old hacker who switched character) you've been landhacking to get all your landgrabs.
Everytime the property demo, you're property is placed instanty.
Even Jesus technique (musicbox) proved that you hack.
Don't try to make up a forum thread like you we're legit, you're gonna get banned inside a week :)

Malaria NA
03-06-2015, 06:11 PM
Did you see me music box him again last night at the Gweo grabs Kyridika? On top of him being a land hacker, it seems he's a naturally terrible businessman. Unless we just went back in time, hes asking some pretty exorbitant prices for even the garbage stuff. Someone said he wants 1k for a 24x24 dewstone demo and something like 3k for halcy prison area demo.

03-06-2015, 07:20 PM
Yeah he was asking 1.5k for a 16x16 demo in prison camp haha
And yeah Jesus tried the music box with him too and he got it anyways

Malaria NA
03-07-2015, 12:46 AM
Wants 1k for 24x24 Demo Dewstone, 1k for Solz Lacton 24x24 demo, 2.5k for 24x24 halcyona prison camp. Land hacker + must live in a reality different than ours, which is why none of his land has sold.

03-07-2015, 06:01 AM
Land hacker indeed, just dont buy any♥♥♥♥ from him. :) peace

03-07-2015, 11:22 PM
http://www.quickmeme.com/img/8f/8f1f6a675e1b20d9b636a2dafd0ac6c0ebc0f8f0bbbaecd548 217a0284d6367c.jpg

03-07-2015, 11:24 PM
He's very proud of his land. He's asking 1500g for a 16 demo in southern Two Crowns.

03-08-2015, 09:38 AM
I like your fake lists up there. Its like you want to sell your stuff but make it look like this is a public sales forums by listing trusted sellers and only pitting ureslef in the list.... Which by the way, for those prices you should move ueeself to the scammers list.

Ppl used to accuse kyridika of hacking and he proved everyone wrong. I'm sure you can as well, just need to put a lil more effort then the jwagermiester kid