View Full Version : Bots Can't be reported

03-05-2015, 02:06 PM
I am a player farming most of my days at Heedmar, Auroria at Lucius and everyday I start farming with killing and reporting bots i see. I have confirmed twice by GM that they have killed reported bots but nowadays I see more and more bots farming 24/7 Auroria. Further, they can't be reported anymore. I tried 30minute to report those bots but the system keeps saying "invalid target". And I assume those bots uses some sort of trick to make themselves act as like field monster which prevents them to be reported.

All I am asking is just take a short trip to Auroria and other maps. You will see bunch of non-patron status characters farming 24/7 ruining game economic.

I just have purchased 6 months patron status but I can't stay with those bots conquering every land and field.