View Full Version : Idea's in regards to the crafting issue.

03-07-2015, 07:22 AM
ok naturally the topic everyones be talking about since the dawn of AA was crafting issues/archeum issues. naturally
people blame RNG,archeum,players,labor ext... finger pointing all over the place. and most suggestions are in regards
to Archeum and how archeum should be adressed. IMO i think archeum is perfectly fine. the problem is how arhceum
is used in this game. before this game came to NA i heard people talking about how during development of this game
it was orriginally designed to have a durability system that broke down weapons forcing ppl to recraft. but that idea was
heavily unpopular so they placed it with rng. this makes perfect sense because if you look at the way archeum is used
in the game its not made to be overly abundant which would support a NON RNG system.

however as we have seen in this game so far the change to a rng system didn't have archeum change to match it.
rather then archeum becoming a abundant throw away currency for RNG (basically what it is) it kept its rarity. this
in turn cuased problems with crafting making it time consuming and difficult to craft top tier gear. this has been
seen before in regards to the changes done to healing in AA healing power was added to the game with mith alot of
content in AA not being fixed to match it. such as the scepter + shield set from GHA(which is suppose to be a healing set)
pre healing power update.

but enough of the long winded talk about how things dont work lets talk solutions.

heres a few idea's i had in regards to this issue:

Method 1: instead of massive RNG introduce a sucess/fail system thats affected by proficiency level.
so if you are max level weapon crafting you have a higher % chance at success. After.
(Note: if the item fails to proc you lose the mats and labor used to attempt a success but the item is retained)

the success rate would decrease and the fail rate would increase as the weapons get higher in tier.
(note: items can also be included to the game (craftable? loyalty?) that can be crafted to increase
your chances at a success(within reason. no 100% chance)

In addition rather then have the same materials for every craft and RNG.

you would have to gather the mats for each individual weapon such as:

Flame Nodachi require different crafting mats then a lightning Nodachi and can be chosen as the basis for the craft.
(Note: a lightning cant be crafted into a flame. you pick what type of weapon you want to craft at the basic craft tier. and
upgrade up as you go, if you wish to make a different version of the weapon you have to start over) the mats required for
each craft would also be increased due to the removal of the RNG of 1/4 1/5 1/7 1/7ext.. that we currently have. the primary
mat being stabs,dyes, archeum ext... this would make the cross continent market revive again and also since archeum would
no longer be as big of a throw away resource as it is now and if the mats are increased to a decent ammount the gathering of
said mats would make players work for their gear and still keep the gear rather rare due to the difficulty.

(Note: maybe include materials for the crafts
from treasure hunting? to bring that back as well.)

and not just weapons but armor as well.

Long Story Short: replace the soul crushing rng with a less harsh rng system that lets people pick the gear they want and work tword
it over time rather then praying to RNGesus that you dont get a fail proc to delph for the 10,000th time.

Method 2: Reintroduce archeum as a monster drop (kill X monster for a % chance to drop archeum. like in alpha.) currently every monster other then bosses only drop like two types of items: Coinpurse/unidentified armor/weapon. having a archeum drop included (even if its somewhat rare) would help the archeum issue.

also along with reintroducing archeum to the drop tables slightly reduce the labor cost of the heavy RNG crafts. such as handicraft/weaponsmith/armorsmith ext.... if people have to stone face their way through a massive RNG barrier atleast let them try more then once or twice a day.

those are my idea's on the issue. id like to hear all your input on the matter. Obviously they are rough idea's (as you can tell by the notes) but thats how solutions are made. people throw out a idea and its improved and polished till its something worthwile.