View Full Version : WTS Full Celestial/Divine Epherium Wave Set

03-13-2015, 02:31 AM

where are my future God's Whip spammers?

Today i have a special offer for you guys. I'm selling my fully slotted Epherium Wave Set.

The Set contains:

Epherium Wave Hood (Celestial) : 5x 20 Defense ; 2% CastTime Lunafrost
Epherium Wave Shirt (Celestial) : 5x Resilience ; -3% DMG Lunafrost
Epherium Wave Pants (Celestial) : 4x Toughness ; +7 Int
Epherium Wave Gloves (DIVINE) : 5x 20 Defense ; 16% Magic Crit
Epherium Wave Shoes (Celestial) : 4x 1% MS ; 5% MS
Epherium Wave Sleeves (Celestial) : 3x 20 Defense
Epherium Wave Sash (Celestial) : 3x 20 Defense ; +7 Stamina

Also i'm going to sell:

Epherium Wave Bow (Heroic): 2x 2.0 Magic DPS (SOLD)
Illustrious Wave Flute (Unique): 2x 2.0 Magic DPS (SOLD)
Conqueror's Wave Necklace (Celestial)
2x Artisan Wave Earring (Unique+Heroic)
Conqueror's Wave Ring (Unique)

Prices are negotiable but i'm looking around:

Full Set: 45k
Bow: Sold
Flute: Sold
Necklace: 1.5k
Earrings & Ring: need to check AH will add it later after work

on top of that you'll get a VISA picture on your chest!

i only accept ingame currency and i don't want your paypal invoice so mr. azn gold lova if you read this you can go and fck yourself instead of sending me messages.


ps: with a celestial delphinad staff you will get close too 800 magic attack unbuffed and 1.1k with all buffs. this set is definitely top 3 dps when it comes to magic dps on the server. i'm not going to respond to any unserious crap offer cause this is a high end set and you'll be able to 1shot everyone if you combine it with a decent weapon!