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Shooter Mcgavin
04-09-2014, 12:14 PM

About Us:

Icarus Group is a massive gaming Alliance, We are a friendly group of Gamer’s looking to expand our dreams from playing games to building them. We are looking for new members to help grow our group to the next level. DO you have it within you? Enlist in Icarus Group.


Icarus Group started in 2011 Star Trek Online, after a troubling dark era in the game. The founding members of the Group were tired of the same old to do that was around and becoming the norm in gaming groups. We sought to create a new type of gaming group were the members were first and their lives mattered more than a game.

The founders of Icarus Group have many years of combined gaming time, from the start of MMORPG's to the most current. We opened our doors to the gaming world in 2012, our membership in STO is over 500 Member’s via our three fleets Icarus Elite(FED) House of Icarus(KDF) and Icarus Imperium(RRF). We have a fully completed Star base (Tier 5) in Icarus Elite and a (Tier 4) in the House of Icarus.
We have expanded to other games since our launch in 2012 from STO to Planet Side 2, WoW, Defiance, SimCity, SWTOR, & DC Universe, We have plans to expand even more into Elder Scrolls, The Repopulation, and Star Citizen.

Icarus Group stands ready in 2014 and beyond to grow and develop, are you interested in Joining Icarus Group? now is the time. We are looking for friendly, experienced veteran MMORPG players, whether if you are casual or hardcore there is a place for you here at Icarus, if you questions never be afraid to ask!!

Icarus Group {IGC} also hosts a number of contests on (RSI)Roberts Space Industries (Star Citizen), giving away over 5,000 dollars in prizes and gifts. New contest will be announced in April for the upcoming launch of the dogfighting module release.
Group Overview:

We are a mature 16+ year of age multi-gaming group dedicated to our members and to our group FIRST. Our number one priority is to have FUN. Our members are willing and able to help others within any game that our members play to advance, achievement hunt, PvP, PvE or any other activity in game

Icarus Group Rules for Members:

1) You must be 16 yrs old or older. We are a mature gaming community and our TeamSpeak(NC 17) discussions can go anywhere. Younger members may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but only by full council vote.
2) We use Teamspeak 3 for our voice communications (using voice comms is not required but we prefer that you come say hello from time to time ). This is so we can get to know you as well as be able to help you the best way possible.(Members that wish to move up into officer roles or council positions Teamspeak is a requirement!!)
3) You must be willing to help others. The leadership of the fleet have pledged to help others, of equal or lesser rank. This is WHY we are here.
4) We understand that Real Life can get in the way and it is Icarus policy that Real Life Comes FIRST.
5) Be kind and respectful to Icarus Group council members and officers and other members, please don’t be a jerk!!! :D

Icarus Group Command Structure:

1) Icarus Command Council (Group Admins and Game Division Leaders)
2) Clan Nation Council
3) PVE Division
4) PVP Division

How to join?

We are currently in the process of launching a new website tommorrow (04/10/14), so people can go and sign up on, or contact me in PM here, we can do a small chat in Teamspeak which will be the only requirement for officially joining after that if you wish to not be on Teamspeak to talk on a mic that’s ok with us. If you don’t have a mic there is a chat lounge for you to type in so no worries to those who are shy, or don’t like using mics!!! http://www.icarus-group.com/portal.php

Final Note:

We want our future members of Icarus Group to feel welcome in our family of players, we help our members with real life problems, or if you just need to talk to someone alone about something we will accommodate you, if you have problems with anyone in Icarus never hesitate to come to council members and tell us your problems. We are here to have fun, we are serious gamers, but know how to keep it fun and crazy when it’s appropriate. We at Icarus look forward to you joining our family!!!

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