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03-17-2015, 11:50 AM
Hi all, PTS is currently unlocking for play and it will remain up through next week. Fluffy commands should still be enabled from the SoA release. I'll be on-server later this week for some coordinated testing. Thanks. ------------ = FISHING TOURNAMENT = * The weekly Fishing Tournament has been enabled. - The tournament takes place every Saturday at Noon to 2:00 PM PDT (3:00-5:00 PM EDT, 19:00-21:00 GMT) in Mirage Island. - The gold rewards granted to players who place among the top finalists for this event have been decreased from the Korean version. - The top 5,000 ranked participants receive between 1 and 30 Fisher King Coins to be redeemed from the Contest Coin Collector [Mirage Isle Fishing Contest] on Mirage Isle. - The following items can be obtained by exchanging Fisher King Coins: Time Catcher Token (Time Catcher Title, +2000 Fishing Proficiency) for 200 coins Mermaid Bathtub (Housing Item) for 180 coins Wrapped Thunderstruck Fishing Rod for 50 coins Pink Kingfin Boater (Costume Hat, +1500 Fishing Proficiency) for 20 coins Yellow Kingfin Boater (Costume Hat, +1500 Fishing Proficiency) for 20 coins Green Kingfin Boater (Costume Hat, +1500 Fishing Proficiency) for 20 coins = ARENA RANKING = * The 1v1 Arena Tournament has been enabled. - Honor will be granted to the top 3,000 ranked players at the time the leaderboard cycles. - The amount of honor rewarded varies from 10,000 to 500 based on ranking. = EVENT: Spreading Flames = * A new limited time event has been added: Spreading Flames. - Players of all levels can participate in the event at 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM PDT every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. [15:00, 19:00, 23:00 GMT] - To start the event, locate the event NPC known as the Dragon Hunter in Lilyut Hills, Tigerspine Mountains, Growlgate Island and Mirage Island. - Only one reward item can be obtained each weekend. *** NOTE: This will not be enabled on PTS until we can get a build that supports an earlier start date than our intended live date. GENERAL * The amount of Appraisal Certificates required to initiate a land sale has changed based on the size of the property being sold: - 8x8 Workstations require 1 Certificate - 16x16 Cottages, Farms and Aquafarms require 2 Certificates - 24x24 Medium Houses or Gazebo Farms require 2 Certificates - 28x28 Large Houses require 3 Certificates - 44x44 Mansions require 4 Certificates * Cyanfin’s “Sonar” skill has been re-added. All existing versions of the Dolphin Mount will receive this skill retroactively. * Hanure the Hunter, a world boss in Hasla, has been increased to level 55. - The level bump has increased its max health, mana and strength of certain skills like any good level bump should. * The quest to obtain the Crimson Lightning Mount has been added to Hasaru, an NPC located in Hasla, at the Abandoned Drill Camp. - The requirements to obtain this quest include level 30 and ownership of the Earthen Roar mount. - Pirates cannot currently take this quest (or any Hasla Weapon Quest for that matter) and this is under review. - Crimson Lightning’s Stealth ability has received a duration reduction to ensure it doesn’t last as long as the ability’s cooldown. * The Red Dragon world boss now drops a Gilt Red Dragon Statue 100% of the time. This is in addition to its current drop list, which includes pretty much every player to come in range. BUGS AND FIXES * Fixed a display issue when loading mail at a mailbox. * Fix an issue that prevented Captain’s Intuition from expiring. * The Rudolph Hauler is now summoned with the Owner’s Mark buff active.

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