View Full Version : Selling LIBRARY EXCLUSIVE armour and weapons. (Bind on Equip)

03-17-2015, 09:41 PM
I'll be updating this thread with kit that we farm/find/trade as it comes, and will bump with each update.

Current Stock:

http://i.gyazo.com/e1f76fa745af304b3c8438f92bc742ff.png "Recollection Shoes" - Library Cloth Set [700g asking price]

http://gyazo.com/b63735ab177549c3850d0a17e2640ade "Fallen Wizard Staff" - Epherium/Delphinad staff equivalent (Significantly stronger than epherium at all grades) [4,000g asking price]

http://gyazo.com/bc4414c7037ed3b18bbabf3358d63c84 "Obsidian Dagger" - Epherium/Delphinad Dagger equivalent (Significantly stronger than Epherium at all grades) - not to be confused with the upgradeable obsidian dagger set. [2,000g asking price]


Post here, or privately mail me here.
Mail 'Rotten' in game, East faction.
Open to bartering and offers so take a shot.