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03-18-2015, 03:22 PM
Okay so a bout 3 days ago i logged off after playing for several hours game ran fine all day, i log back in a few hours later and Glyph keeps crashing so i did all the research and all the trouble shooting things i could do. no avail as it still didnt work so next was that thing i didnt wanna do... uninstall so at first i just tried to uninstall and reinstall glyph, well that failed, even used an older version of glyph still nothing. so finall i decided to ♥♥♥♥ can everything Glyph, Archeage everything that that two have in common on my PC. go to reinstall the game and sure enough glyph started working with a new version, now to my dismay i have to reinstall Archeage yay for 20gigs of S**t. well heres the new problem now after i finish an 8.60gb download of a patch it wont run why i dont know, is this simply because it was the patch and not the game? if so where the fk is the full game download cause fk glyph and trion for using it.

seriously tho what ever happened to games just saying oh no heres an icon click it log into the game at the login screen boom....... smmfh

but yeah any help would be nice. and sorry for the langauge im just pretty pissed im not able to hit 55 yet.

03-19-2015, 12:26 AM
Hey there,

Where do you have Glyph and ArcheAge installed on your PC? What version of Windows are you using? The first thing I'd like to ask you to do is open up Windows Update on your PC and make sure you're operating system is up to date. There were updates rolled out a few days ago, so once that is done, restart your PC. Then, open up any security software you use and add the full folder for Glyph as an exception.

It's important to add this exception with the security software running, so if you have disabled it in the past, make sure to enable it, make sure it is also up to date with the latest version, and that the exception is added, even if it has been added before.

Once that is all set up, if you're still having trouble with the installation, follow these steps to install Glyph from scratch (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?171478-Glyph-Installer-Freezes-on-quot-Finishing...-quot&p=1556804&viewfull=1#post1556804), even if you're specific error doesn't appear to be with Glyph directly.

After Glyph has been installed again, go ahead and install ArcheAge. If you use a wireless network, you'll want to try to plug directly into your modem via an Ethernet cable, if only during the download, to make sure you are getting the most stable connection.