View Full Version : High Crafting Proficiency should change due to Diamond Shores Patch

03-24-2015, 08:08 PM
We are already seeing through obsidian weapons, that it is no longer needed to have high proficiency to increase the grade of weapons that will just become salvaged.

With a future obsidian armor coming along soon, armorcrafting will also have to deal with a similar problem.

So my question and request is this: I am not completely sure the old system of super high proficiency (including the armor and two proficiency boosting items that cost a decent amount to get) is setup correctly for these new obsidian weapon changes.

At the moment, there is almost no reason not to use an obsidian weapon vs a previously crafted weapon as long as you have materals. Those materials just need to be salvaged pieces of an item regardless of grade. What this means is even if your wanting to craft the delphinad weapons to salvage, you only need 25k proficiency.

Now I also have attended the live streams and have heard that, yes higher proficieny makes your crafting cheaper and faster. But even that is up to a certain point before the changes dont mean anything. It used to be you get 90k + boost armor and house accessories to craft weapons/armor at higher grades without using regrade scrolls, and that would be the profit to keep on crafting.

This new system has flattened the crafting system by alot, so unless your weapon is what is needed to the next step, all other weapons are salvaged and priced equally.

The only step that gains from leveling up using high proficiency is if your actually lucky enough to get something Ayanad.

So I am wanting to bring this to attention to see if there are any plans to reward crafters that have high proficiency in the upcoming patches? (And for arguementive purposes, we can talk about the 90k mark and the gear and house items to boost your proficiency past 90k) There should be a clear benefit to have these items... Or, the items should be much cheaper to obtain and become decor items with no boosts.

Well hope this just sparks a conversation for trion to maybe put this on their table and look at it. We are currently crafting obsidian weapons like crazy, and crafting the materials that feed obsidian weapons... so for me at least, this issue of higher proficiency over 25k is not needed.... kind of feels like something has been overlooked or should be added to support the new changes.

Have a nice day, and if you would like me to further elaborate on something, just let me know.